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New joiners

If you have already received your Username and Password, you can access information about your Pension Account via Planviewer.  If you don’t yet have a Username and Password, you can still access certain information about the Scheme via If you have any difficulties logging in, using Fidelity’s website or PlanViewer, please contact the Pensions Service Centre.

Already a member?

Click here to access your RSA Pension Scheme account at Fidelity. The website enables you to:

  • view the current value of your pension fund.
  • illustrate the options available to you when you retire, based on your current pension arrangements.
  • model different pension contributions and how different investment returns could impact your benefits.
  • access information on current fund prices and fund factsheets.
  • review or change your investment choices at any time.
  • change personal details.
  • see all contributions and any deductions in your account.
  • download policy documents and nomination of beneficiaries form.
  • access links to useful websites e.g. pension information sites.

You can also find more information about the RSA Pension Scheme via PlanViewer.

Important note:

Fidelity does not provide financial advice. If you are not sure whether this product is suitable for you, you should seek financial advice. There may be a charge for this advice.