Scheme Overview

The RSA Pension Scheme is a great opportunity for you and RSA to provide for your retirement in a cost-effective way.

RSA has chosen Fidelity to provide this Scheme. The Scheme is a Master Trust, a defined contribution scheme set up to provide pension schemes for different employers within the same trust. The RSA Pension Scheme is part of the Fidelity Master Trust. The Trustees of the Master Trust are independent of Fidelity and the employers participating in the Scheme, so it is clear that the Trustees have the interests of members as their highest priority.

To learn more about the Scheme, you can log into Fidelity’s PlanViewer. You’ll need your Username and Password, which will have been sent to you when you joined the Scheme. If you don’t have a Username and Password, you can still access certain information about the Scheme via

You can also access PlanViewer via RSA’s flexible benefits system, YOUR BENEFITS. Once you’ve logged onto YOUR BENEFITS, you’ll be taken straight through to the Fidelity website without having to enter a separate Username or Password.