Independent Financial Advice

Taking financial advice

There are many issues that surround your pension and arranging your retirement income. You may have relatively simple questions and simple circumstances, or you may have quite a few details from many different pension arrangements to sort out.

The Scheme, Trustees, Company and the RSA Pensions Team cannot give you financial advice in any way - all they can do is give you information. This is a legal protection for members.

You may need specific personal financial advice, and the place to go is an independent financial advisor or IFA.

IFAs are bound by the rules of the Financial Services Authority. They must provide advice most suited to your personal requirements and your risk outlook. If they recommend financial products they must take into account the benefits provided, charges, flexibility, service and financial strength.

You may not have to pay directly for their services - sometimes you agree a fee up front, sometimes you pay through commission on any financial product you buy, sometimes you may pay a combination of both.

There are many IFAs around the country and you should have no trouble finding one through your Yellow Pages or online. One site you can visit is

This website is run by IFA Promotion Ltd, the industry body responsible for promoting independent financial advice in the UK. IFAP Ltd. is a non-profit organisation funded by 30 product provider sponsors.

You can also visit:

This is an independent service, set up by government to help people make the most of their money, they give free, unbiased money advice to everyone across the UK - online, over the phone and face to face.