This section is for members of the SAL Pension Scheme. The scheme is now closed for future accrual.

If you’re a new employee at RSA you will have automatically enrolled into the RSA Pension Scheme held with Fidelity, which you can read about under a separate section of this site.

This website explains the Scheme and how it works. It summarises the benefits that the Scheme will aim to provide when you retire and how your dependants are protected if you die. The website is not intended to provide a definitive statement of the provisions of the Scheme, and in the event that there is any contradiction between the terms of the website and the Trust Deed and Rules, the Trust Deed and Rules will prevail. The Trust Deed and Rules allow for the Scheme to be altered at any time by agreement between the Company and the Trustee.   

Scheme Overview gives you more background information and the links on the left will lead you to more specific details about your benefits.